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Alive in Christ Radio :: Radio Liner Notes :: Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Main Show Topic: Christian Essentials: Making Tough Choices
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How will your choices and decisions impact others? Will your choices hurt them? Will your choices encourage them?

You will be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover on this unique edition of Alive in Christ Radio.

In just 2 short hours, you will learn that the choices we make are the decisions we must own. In the next 2 hours, will learn how to make right choices as God’s truth is exposed.

Special Guest: Evangelist Dwayne Harris of Fresh Outpouring Ministries.

We round out our program with features including Joyce Meyer’s “Everyday Moments”, Focus on the family’s Plugged-In Movie Review and Focus on the Family Minute as well as a the Short feature from Luis Palau entitled, “Reaching Your World.”

Join us as we present answers to these tough questions. Your evolving relationship with God depends upon it. On this edition of Alive in Christ we address these and other all-important kingdom issues.

On this edition of Alive in Christ, Christian Discipleship Ministries’ founder, Tony Marino and Lynn Kennedy explore life’s guidelines verses His “God-lines”, and will it be “your way”, or “Yahweh?” We invite you to join us.

Alive in Christ Radio || In-Studio Guest: Dwayne Harris
Dwayne Harris is an International Evangelist and the founder of Fresh Outpouring Ministries. He has been active in ministry for over 16 years, serving in a variety of pastoral roles. He speaks at churches, men’s ministry events, and youth events; sharing his powerful testimony of deliverance from substance abuse and witchcraft. He is also the speaker of the “Message in a Minute” web based devotional video series.

Along with ministry, Dwayne Harris works in full time law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff in Central Florida. He has served on the SWAT Team and has received an accommodation for Heroism. Based upon his tactical training, and personal knowledge of spiritual warfare, he has developed a training program called SWAT 10-4. (Spiritual Warfare Advanced Tactics) Dwayne shares this information during speaking engagements and will soon be releasing a SWAT 10-4 curriculum for churches.

Alive in Christ Radio || Features:
Joyce Meyer || Everyday Moments
Focus on the Family || Focus on the Family Minute
Luis Palau || Reaching Your World with Luis Palau
Focus on the Family || Plugged-In Movie Review

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Kerri Crocker
Justin Honaman
Iona Leigh
George Vinson

Alive in Christ Radio || Christian Book of the Week:
Josh McDowell and Don Stewart
Handbook of Today’s Religions
Don’t rely on news stories or a one-sided defense of cults, the occult, or secular and non-Christian religions. This handbook provides authoritative, evangelical perspectives on alternative religions. It includes thorough, accurate information for analyzing and measuring these groups’ claims and beliefs against God’s Word.

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Today’s Holy Bible Passages:
Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Joshua 1:8, Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 8:5-15, Ezekiel 11:1-12, Matthew 6:33, Matthew 16:26, Luke 14:28-30, Acts 1:21-22, Galatians 6:7, 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

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