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Alive in Christ LIVE Radio :: Radio Liner Notes :: Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Main Show Topic: Discipleship: Christians and Judgement
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Why do we see much judgement among Christians? Aren’t we all sinners and subject to the judgement of others? Doesn’t the bible say that Christians are to judge other Christians? Yet the bible also tells us to judge not. So what are we to do? Join us as we explore this very intriguing subject.

It is our prayer that you be Spirit-filled and blessed by what you will discover on this unique edition of Alive in Christ Radio LIVE.

During these two hours, we will learn how God’s perfect love and faithfulness can help us walk hand-in-hand with God—leading us through this life into a life of total victory, in all things, through His anointing, discernment, and great comfort.

Special Guest: Dr. Indigo Triplett, Christian Author, Speaker and CEO

We round out our program with features including Joyce Meyer’s “Everyday Moments”, Focus on the family’s Plugged-In Movie Review and Focus on the Family Minute, Beth Moore’s “A Quick Word”, Luis Palau’s “Reaching Your World”, and Dave Ramsey’s “Daily Money Makeover.”

On this edition of Alive in Christ, Christian Discipleship Ministries’ Founder, Tony Marino and Lynn Kennedy explore life’s guidelines verses His “God-lines”, and will it be “your way”, or “Yahweh?” We invite you to join us.

On this episode we will learn to, “let go and let God.”

“The harvest is great, but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37

Dr. Indigo Triplett
Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || In-Studio Guest: Dr. Indigo Triplett

Dr. Indigo Triplett is the Founder of Indigo Insights a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides mental healing by nourishing the spirit and the mind of people who are challenged on life’s journey. She wrote Dueling Dragons: A Bipolar Journey from the Darkness into the Light, as a roadmap to help people accept a diagnosis and move to recovery. She is also author of the book series, Playing by the Unwritten Rules. She is one of the most intuitive and insightful souls that you may ever meet. Her life’s journey has been a remarkable display of perseverance, resilience and intrigue as she broke through barriers for herself and lifted others to a higher level of success along the way.

She is best known for her many accomplishments as a business woman. She started her business Careers in Transition as a solopreneur in her basement 20 years ago, crafted her trade and moved onto the entrepreneurial platform, and after many years of building an impressive clientele in the federal government, she became a small business owner with offices in Georgia and DC. She led her company to being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2012 and 2013 and then she landed on the Inc. list again in 2014. You can read about Dr. Indigo in Ebony Magazine, the New York Times, and Inc. Magazine to name a few places that took an interest in her story of being a successful business woman.

However the story that few are privy to is the story of her life journey from the darkness into the light. Dr. Indigo underwent treatment at a treatment center after her world spiraled out of control. She was working on her Ph.D., raising a family, managing her multimillion dollar business, and speaking around the world. She did all of this while feeling as if she was going insane. She was diagnosed with a mood disorder and PTSD, and she can attest that she was a textbook case for the disorders with bizarre behaviors that she shares with audiences and within her latest book.

By doing the work, she was able to pull herself from the abyss with the help of mental health professionals, spiritual advisors, the support of her family, and understanding and collaborative employees. Being a giving spirit, Dr. Indigo has been called to share her story and gifts with others. She formed Indigo Insights to help people with mental health challenges learn to embrace their mental condition and thrive. She speaks, coaches, and teaches courses about mental health challenges from a holistic and personal viewpoint.

Dr. Indigo has received many awards and recognitions for her life’s work in Human Resources, and she has now devoted her life to human kind. It is more than a calling, but rather a ministry for her as she shares with others practical tools and techniques that allow her to manage her condition with great success. She weaves humor with a poignant look at reality for people who live with dis-ease, people who live with those with dis-ease, and those who work with people with dis-ease. She says that she had to lose nearly everything to truly find herself, and now she serves as a success GPS for others. She helps people to find tranquility, serenity and balance when everything seems chaotic and uncertain.

She served in the U.S. Marine Corps, before earning her Associates Degree in Psychology and Journalism, a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television with a Minor in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Human Resources Development with an emphasis in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Values Driven Leadership.

You can read her weekly online column in Inc. Magazine ( whereby she tackles the subject of mental health. She writes to change the conversation from mental illness to mental wellness. For more information about Indigo and her passion, please visit

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || Features:
Joyce Meyer || Everyday Moments
Focus on the Family || Focus on the Family Minute
Luis Palau || Reaching Your World with Luis Palau
Focus on the Family || Plugged-In Movie Review
Beth Moore || A Quick Word
Dave Ramsey || The Daily Money Makeover
Dr. James Dobson || Family Talk

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Dueling Dragons
Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || Christian Book of the Week:
Author: Dr. Indigo Debra Triplett
Title: Dueling Dragons: A Bipolar Journey from the Darkness into the Light


Dueling Dragons takes the reader on a personal and professional journey from the darkness into the light. This is a poignant look at life for a business woman with bipolar disorder who goes into denial, which leads to a life on a roller coaster. There are classic behavioral examples of how a person with bipolar disorder thinks and behaves, which is a blessing and a curse. This book details the author’s mania and depression of bipolar disorder in a refreshingly blunt and hilariously honest way that causes the reader to actually feel as if s/he is experiencing the journey along with the author. Dueling Dragons is a must read for anyone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and for those who support and love someone with bipolar disorder. The book gives not only a front seat to the author’s near madness, but practical solutions and techniques to manage the disorder.

“The goal, as Dr. Indigo so brilliantly shows the reader, is to accept, honor the swings, and manage the behaviors. If I were still teaching, this book would be on the required reading list for my students. Thank you, Dr. Indigo for this important contribution to the field of Mental Illness Treatment.” – V.P. Gilbert, MSW, LISAC, Sierra Tucson

“Read this book. Indigo’s story will change the way you think about bipolar disorder and its impact on leadership. It will make you laugh, make you cry, and give you great hope. Bipolar disorder helped Indigo build a firm that made the Inc. 500/5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America three years in a row, but it came with a price—rage, pain, paranoia, and damaged relationships. Now, in recovery, Indigo is facing one of the toughest but most rewarding challenges of her life: going public with her disorder and launching a movement to bring positive awareness and healing to people with mental health issues across the country.” – Dr. James Ludema, Cofounder and Director of the Center for Values-Driven Leadership, Benedictine University

“This book was a life-changing experience. On behalf of those of us who live with, and love individuals living with Bipolar Disorder, thank you Indigo for having the courage to write such a poignant and descriptive narrative of life on the other side. The clarity I received from this information is a gift that I will cherish and share with my loved one in hopes of opening her eyes to the possibility of a different tomorrow . . . one filled with love, light and understanding.” – Lisa Rozzelle, JD, Careers In Transition

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