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Alive in Christ LIVE Radio :: Radio Liner Notes :: Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Main Show Topic: Breaking the Bondage of Despair
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Despair is defined as suffering without meaning. Our past instances of grief, turmoil, poor choices, and pain do not have to dictate how we live today or for tomorrow.

Jesus did not promise that this life would be a rose garden. He has made it perfectly clear that we would suffer through trials and temptations, but by His strength, encouragement, and hope, we can endure. By His stripes, we are healed. “But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed (Isaiah 53:5). The devil wants you bound to a life of despair. Let us accept and receive God’s grace, mercy, and blessing by knowing that we deserve to be set free in the glorious name of Christ Jesus.

You will be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover on this unique edition of Alive in Christ Radio.

In just 2 short hours, you will learn that the answers and remedies to living a life free of despair is only as far as God. In the next 2 hours, will learn how God’s truth is the only way, the only truth, and the ultimate life.

Special Guest: Deborah Lovett, Founder of Women of the Well Ministries. Deborah shares how God brought her and her family up out of devastating circumstances. Her God-inspired testimony adds new meaning to the precept, “What the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good!”

We round out our program with features including Joyce Meyer’s “Everyday Moments”, Focus on the family’s Plugged-In Movie Review and Focus on the Family Minute, Beth Moore’s “A Quick Word”, Luis Palau’s “Reaching Your World”, and Dave Ramsey’s “Daily Money Makeover.”

On this edition of Alive in Christ, Christian Discipleship Ministries’ Founder, Tony Marino and Lynn Kennedy explore life’s guidelines verses His “God-lines”, and will it be “your way”, or “Yahweh?” We invite you to join us.

On this episode we will learn to, “let go and let God.”

“The harvest is great, but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || In-Studio Guest: Deborah Lovett

Deborah Lovett is a speaker for Women’s Events, Retreats, and Conferences. She is also a wife, mother of one daughter, one son, and an author. Her speaking has been noted as “genuine, open, contagious, and like fresh water to the soul.” Her inviting spirit draws women in~ allowing them to experience God’s love in a non-judgmental way. God has called her~ beyond a shadow of a doubt ~to equip women– person-by-person, city-by-city. She desires to educate women on how to ADVANCE to overflowing with an authentic joyful faith that attracts others to Jesus.

She has written several articles for the Alliance Life Magazine, and is the author of Gushing Springs, a Bible Study on the “Woman at the Well”. She has aired on local radio and shared the Gospel in: Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Alabama, with further hopes of sharing it around the world!

Born on a sunny, Easter Sunday, Deborah knows that there is indeed no Easter Sunday without a Good Friday. She has endured trials, hardships and sufferings that have allowed her to see the Glory of the Lord, and have imparted an unshakeable faith to her. After her sister took her own life, God gave Deb a heart to see women live out their God-given destiny without fear. After her home burned to the ground, God showed her the importance of spiritual warfare through prayer—or as she puts it, “how to be On Guard!”

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || Features:
Joyce Meyer || Everyday Moments
Focus on the Family || Focus on the Family Minute
Luis Palau || Reaching Your World with Luis Palau
Focus on the Family || Plugged-In Movie Review
Beth Moore || A Quick Word
Dave Ramsey || The Daily Money Makeover

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || Christian Music Artists:
Jme Medina
Justin Honaman
Rachel Kaegy

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || Christian Book of the Week:
Author: Jasmin O. Brown
Title: Bruised But Not Broken In Despair

Description: We have all been bruised or attacked by the enemy at some point in our lives. Bruised in our homes, in our marriages, finances, ministries, and in many other areas of our lives. Well, God wants you to know that the enemy bruises you because you are special. He is after the treasure that God has placed within your vessel of clay. He knows that as clay you are susceptible to bruises, and he knows that the only way to destroy the contents is to break the container. Therefore, if he applies enough pressure to your life, eventually you will break and lose your treasure. But we have news for him. We may be Bruised and sometimes broken but not to the point of Despair. We are not beyond repair. Our God is a specialist who specializes in bruised vessels. And He will make us over into better vessels.

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Today’s Holy Bible Passages:
Joshua 10:1-14, Psalm 42:5-11, Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 7:7, John 15:4-8, Romans 8:31-39, 1 Peter 1:3-6.

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