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Terry ThompsonTerry Thompson grew up in a military family and has spent his entire life traveling around the world gaining valuable knowledge and experience that he would like to share with you. Terry does this through his inspirational books, videos, and more about life and leadership.

Terry has been serving in the military for the last 19 years, has achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class, and is currently a Platoon Sergeant stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. Terry has served in multiple positions of increased authority and responsibility that spans many assignment locations to include two deployments to Iraq, and one to Afghanistan. Terry has led teams as small as 3 to much larger groups of over 200. Terry brings to you valuable insight that he has gained from his personal and professional life/career that will lead you to success. Terry does this through multiple platforms to include his website and his four books (Leadership Is, Leadership Solved, Push Start, and What it takes to become a MENTOR).

Terry is married to the beautiful Miriam Thompson. They have been married for 17 years and have two children; Josiah (5 yrs), and Gabriela (2 Yrs). In his spare time, Terry enjoys reading, writing books, designing websites, playing music, and spending time out with his family.

Connect with more from Terry Thompson at his website http://leadertank.com/


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