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Jason WiserJason Wiser is an Associate Missionary with Church of God World Missions currently on assignment in Uzhgorod Ukraine working with the Roma Gypsy Community. He is the director of Michigan Bridge
Ministry. He and his Valeriia and their two sons are sent out as members of Family of Faith Ministries in Charlevoix, Michigan. They are working closely alongside resident Pastor Kortchie Brugosh who is the Sr. Pastor at Radvanka Church of God where most of their ministry takes place.

The ministry is focused on reaching the lost for Jesus Christ and while outreach and Humanitarian aid is a part of the ministry, it is only a tool. One of the main outreach ministries that we have is a community feeding programs for the children of the community. 3 times a week we fill the church sanctuary, (a room that is about 10’ X 24’) with an average of 60 children. We sing, learn scripture, and have a warm meal. The most valuable is the relationship building and letting these little ones know they can come and be safe, and cared for in the house of God.

Our big goal for 2013 is to purchase an onsite parsonage. The church does not have good security and the building has been broken into and we have had many things stolen. Also, the Pastor lives in an apartment building that is flooded with standing water and sewage. There is a video online that details this situation. ( http://jtw.bz/RomaPastor ) We have an opportunity to purchase a new
building right next to the church that will expand the church for more children’s ministry, it will provide 24 hour on site security for the church, and it will move the pastor and his family into safe living conditions.

Jason has been a missionary since 2006. His first time going to the mission field he went with his parent who are also full time missionaries; Dale and Janice Marcum of Fruit of the Vine Ministries (fovministries.org). During his first tour, he met Valeriia, his future wife who was the translator for their team. At the end of the 6 month trip, Jason returning to Michigan to raise support to go back. In this time he became an Associate Missionary with Church of God World Missions.

In 2007 he returned to Ukraine and the two were married. The following year their first son, Danya, was born in Ukraine. Their second son Yan was also born in Ukraine 4 years later.

For more information please visit http://mibridgemi.com


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