Guest: Caroline Savage

Caroline R. Savage is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She enjoys reading and writing inspirational poems. Jehovah God’s inspiration affords her the opportunity to write her first book ¿Uncertainties? And Reasoning. Caroline desires to share the Word of God and her poetry. Her personal wish is to share scriptural passages from the Bible that serve as a personal reflection as we ponder upon individual decisions and chosen paths. Caroline is a native of the Republic of Panama where she resides with her husband Shawn, and son Danté.

In keeping in step with the Holy Spirit, providing mutual encouragement, emotional motivation, obeying Jehovah, and joining His ranks leads to eternal bliss and heavenly salvation. We should continue acquainting ourselves with the Scriptures, God’s promises, growing spiritually, and becoming Jehovah’s instrument to promote His will. As Christian believers, faithfully obeying Jehovah’s commandments serves as a testament to edify God while valuing and respecting our Lord’s divine design and creation.

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