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Sheri Powell is well aware that menopause is a natural and inevitable time in a woman’s life. She didn’t realize that there was a way to walk through this season VICTORIOUSLY until she had to struggle with the symptoms herself.

Before coming to the Lord, she lived her life depending on other people to provide answers and solutions to the various dilemmas she would undoubtedly find herself. Even though she had occasionally visited various churches at a young age, she only came to know of the Lord. A relationship with Jesus Christ would not manifest until her adult years.

In the meantime, she grew up in a community housing area and took advantage of some of the benefits it provided. As a teenager, she tutored elementary school children, and her love for the younger generation blossomed.

Sheri fully surrendered to Jesus Christ on April 12, 1989. At that time, God began to give her beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for all her mourning, and the garment of praise for her heaviness. She became the planting of the Lord.

From the love and support that Sheri received from many people in her community, she dreamed of one day giving back to her community.  Not realizing until years later, that God had been preparing her all along for Such A Time As This.  Sheri got involved in ministry as a children’s church leader, “Inner-City Sidewalk” Sunday school teacher and as a youth group leader and for the past 10 years, she has served as a volunteer and mentor at a local Boys & Girls Club.

In 2001, Sheri and her family began utilizing the gifts and talents of the youth they mentored by hosting an annual “Mother & Daughter Prayer Breakfast”.  Soon after, the Lord enlarged her territory. He drew her to the parents of the children she mentored, particularly the mothers.

In July 2008, the Lord gave Sheri a vision of women “shutting-in” with Him.  Over the next two years, Sheri moved forward with the “shut-in” vision. She hosted numerous women’s prayer “shut-ins”. There was ‘Awake’, a six-week Esther Bible Study, concluding with a One Night With A King celebration.  Followed by Walking Together in Prayer—Rejoice, Restoration and Revival, Judging Others, Our Defining Moment, Women Anointed in the Lord, The Tabernacle, In His Steps. Weeping Women of God, A Touch of Heaven in 2011 and In The Meantime.

In December 2010, the Lord has called Sheri to come out of the club (Boys & Girls Club), and go back to Sidewalk Ministry. Sheri is full aware that the residents in the community do not care about how much Jesus we have in our head, they want to see how much Jesus we have in our heart.  Sheri and a team of volunteers invade the community with God’s love grace and mercy by means of games, singing and sharing a fun and high-energy Bible lesson.

Though Sheri possesses an Associate of Arts in Christian Counseling, she does not let degrees or titles define her. God has given her a slideshow of her life. In it, the Spirit of the Lord God is upon her, and the LORD has anointed her to preach good tidings unto the meek. He is sending her to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to open the prison to them that are bound…and to comfort all that mourn. (Isaiah 61: 1-3 & Luke 4:18-19).

Sheri and her husband Anthony reside in Florida and live and breath to simply do God’s will in sharing the good news about Jesus Christ. They have five adult children and a bouquet of family and friends. With an inherent desire to Share the Lord with People, Sheri founded and created the SLP Company. Its goal is to share available resources that can help willing participants be all that God has created them to be.  Sheri is currently working on two more books.

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