About: Scott Visser

Scott Visser, Christian Author and Senior Pastor at Living Word in Hudsonville, Michigan

Scott Visser received a personal encounter from the Lord at the age of nine.  In response to a season of seeking a personal relationship with God, the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to Him.  Here is what He said:“Scott, one day you will know Me like you want to know Me, and I will use you to help others know Me.”Since that time, Scott has led hundreds to Christ and has helped them grow in their faith.  He graduated from Berean School of the Bible in 1983 and immediately entered into full time ministry as a youth pastor at Grand Rapids First Assembly where he served for 13 years.  Scott now serves as Senior Pastor at Living Word in Hudsonville Michigan.God has placed a unique call on Pastor Scott these last four years.  The call is to create discipleship resources that prepare God’s people for relational evangelism.We are going to find out about that call and these unique new resources in this interview.

Visit Scott at: http://fishersofmennow.com


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