Rusty Nokes

Rusty NokesIn his quest to remain obscure, Rusty will neglect to tell you how amazing he truly is. As his wife, I feel it necessary to share just a little bit of him with you as that is all I am willing to part with.

Rusty was raised in Searcy, Arkansas and is the oldest of three. At an early age Rusty recognized his ferociously competitive spirit and always challenged himself mentally and physically. By the time he was 14-years-old, he was already the fastest back stroke swimmer in the state!

Being raised mostly by his grandparents, Rusty understood the effects of war as both his grandfathers served in the military. Living under that type of authority instilled a standard of serving of which only the military combined with a Christian environment is capable. At the age of seventeen he enlisted with the National Guard as an Infantryman. He served for six years while also attending Harding University. After graduation, it wasn’t long before he was accepted into the Little Rock, AR police academy where he graduated second in his class. It was during this time in his life Rusty discovered fitness as a true passion.

Rusty began training to become a body builder. Once again he succeeded and won first place in his weight class as novice and fourth in the open class a couple years later. People working out in the gym started to ask him questions about his training and offered to pay for his assistance in their own training. Thus began the fitness training bug.

Rusty moved from Arkansas to California and while living in California he became a certified fitness trainer owning and operating his own mobile fitness business called Fitness to You. He was highly successful and trained clients of all ages, all walks of life, and all having varying fitness challenges. Even though Rusty grew up going to church, it wasn’t until this time in his life that he had his divine encounter with Jesus and became His follower. He attributed the success of his business to his walk with The Lord.

Being a good hand with horses, Rusty later found himself in the hospitality industry working on a dude ranch managing the barn, entertaining guests as well as directing the ranch’s 24 hour live in fitness program.

After years training clients off and on in various roles, Rusty came to the realization that the “clipboard” approach didn’t seem to help anyone move towards the lifestyle change he knew they desperately needed. Only The Lord could make that type of dramatic change. He then became disenchanted with the whole rep counting, clipboard holding fitness trainer position he found himself in. It was out of his desire to truly help people find The Lord and get fit that Christ Fit was birthed.
Rusty’s accomplishments are too numerous to list and it would make him crazy if I did. He has competed in bodybuilding, triathlons, boxing matches, swim meets, track meets, football and more. He is also an incredible leader and motivator. His circuit training classes are THE BEST!!! He loves healthy competition and will race you in anything, even wearing cowboy boots! But he loves his spiritual race even more. He really does love God and seeks Him every day. He will never quit or slow until The Lord is ready to take him home. He only asks that you do the same. Run your race.

Currently Rusty lives with his wife Amy Jo, his two sons, Dillon and Cameron and his two step children Austin and Grace in San Antonio, TX.

Please feel free to visit Rusty at one of his websites: or



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