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Patricia EdwardsPatricia Edwards was born April 5, 1966 in Washington, DC to Fred and Patricia Schmidt. The youngest child to their offspring of three, she grew up in Landover Hills, a small town in Maryland, loving the outdoors. Summers were spent swimming, riding bikes, horseback riding, climbing trees, and riding her brother’s mini-bike and winters were spent sleigh riding, snowball battles, keeping warm, and making hot cocoa with her family and friends.

Her mother was a legal secretary, her father was a car salesman after retiring from the police force, and both her older sister and brother are now both successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

Growing up in Landover Hills allowed everyone throughout the town to know everyone else almost as an extension of family. She, along with her siblings and friends, would walk to and from school during the week, a two mile trek for middle school. Aside from her daily activities and hobbies, she was a bit of a tomboy. She loved to hang out with her older brother and his friends whom all put her to good use chasing after foul baseballs, footballs, and basketballs as she watched from the sideline.

For most of her adolescence, she admired her mother and wanted to emulate her proficiencies in the clerical field so, she made Business her major throughout high school. Shortly after graduating in 1984, she went to work at the courthouse with her mother and it was there that she met her husband, David Myers.

After spending a couple of years living together and playing house, she became pregnant and on October 16, 1987, they married. She delivered their first child, David, on January 25, 1988, their child second child, Daniel, on December 9, 1991, and their third child, Laura, on March 13, 1997. 16 years invested, she and her husband separated in 2001 and in 2003, they divorced.

Although marital failure is not something that she’s proud of, it was in the midst of its dismantling that the stepping stones of faith were gradually put in place. But, before the grace, mercy, and love of God adhered to her heart, mind, and soul, she blindly ventured into a life of worldly desire, inebriation, lust, and limitation. She walked through a hell of her own making and luckily for her, she came out on the other side, the lighter side. God saved her.

Socrates once said that a life unexamined in not worth living. Well, doesn’t this also hold true to faith? In 2008, Patricia was divinely directed to write a book that examines just that. Affectionately titled, “Are You As Close To God As You Are To My Bumper?” the book takes the reader on a voyage of discovering God through the real life experiences of those of faith.

Patricia knows the power and grace of God up close and personal. His presence of Presence pours an abundance of love that saves, transforms, and redeems. She firmly states that the Bible and words of Jesus guide us to be disciples, not Christians. Christianity is a faith, not a religion and once we realize, recognize, and revere our Creator and our creation, life takes on a whole new meaning. We are connected to one another and everything living. The advancement of His Kingdom and the enlightenment of souls is her mission.

You can learn more about her and purchase her current publication, “Are You As Close To God As You Are To My Bumper?” by visiting her website at: www.patriciaedwardsbooks.com


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