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Having observed his Dad zealously share his faith in Christ to many others, Mark Shaw asked him one day how he could become a Christian. At the age of 9, Jesus drew him to Himself and Mark confessed his sins, placed his trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins and for cleansing from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Mark’s goal by the age of 13 was to become a “Christian psychologist like James Dobson,” and he pursued that dream into college by obtaining undergraduate and graduate psychology degrees. A burning desire for caring for the souls of Christian men and women became clear to him when he began to completely abstain from alcohol use in early 1995. By 2000, Mark’s approach to counseling was changed radically from a psychological model to a biblical one when his mentor introduced him to the writings of Dr. Jay E. Adams. He devoured those writings, began regularly attending NANC (National Association of Biblical Counselors) conferences, and started intensively studying the Scriptures to find answers to man’s problems. He quickly realized that his psychological training was far inferior to the true “study of the soul” from God’s infinite perspective in the Bible.

At Birmingham Theological Seminary he completed both a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling. He has maintained NANC certification as a biblical counselor since 2002, and has been a popular workshop speaker at the annual national conference for NANC for the past 3 years, speaking on “addictions”, gambling, and counseling from the scriptures in teams of two. In 2007 he founded Truth in Love Ministries, an equipping and biblical counseling ministry that functions through and under the authority of the local churches with which it partners. This year TIL has launched a new initiative, The Addiction connection, which offers online “addictions” resources for those struggling with “addictions” of all kinds and their families, and training and certification for those who are helping hurting and hardened “addicts” through biblical counseling.

Over the past 21 years, Dr. Mark Shaw has labored in some capacity in counseling. Whether it’s struggling souls at methadone clinics and residential rehabilitation centers or those in pastoral counseling situations involving marriage and family, relationship issues, self-injury, gambling, sexual temptations and other idolatrous desires, he has found once and for all that God’s Word is sufficient for counseling anyone struggling with life’s non-organic problems, and spends his life proclaiming that the only truly wise counsel is God’s counsel from the Scriptures. Dr. Shaw assures us that we don’t need man’s best ideas to direct our thoughts, demonstrating that Biblical counseling is really just discipleship which is strategically pinpointed at a particular problem someone is experiencing.

He lives in the greater Birmingham, Alabama area with his wife Mary and their four children. He has authored 14 publications  Including:
Addiction-Proof Parenting
The Heart of Addiction
Divine Intervention
Strength in Numbers: the Team Approach to Biblical Counseling
which can all be found at www.focuspublishing.com

Personal Statement:
“We must bring clarity to the world’s terminology and labels by using biblical words so that our counsel comes from God Himself, not our own best ideas. My passion is to glorify God through making disciple-makers by speaking His truth in the love of the Holy Spirit, seeing God fulfill Ephesians 4:11-16.”

You can visit Mark at: http://www.histruthinlove.com/


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