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Liz CicconeLiz Ciccone, award-winning writer and the founder of Soul conversations, describes herself in the following way, “I am God’s child, God is my Father, Jesus is my Savior and I am the face of Soul Conversations.” However, this was not always the case. Liz didn’t start out her life as a Christian. She lives among a family of nonbelievers to this day. She found herself in the midst of the chaos and turmoil of a very dysfunctional family whose father is an atheist, whose mother believes God is the head of the lottery commission and was a household of anger with incidents of domestic violence.

Her challenges didn’t end there. She also suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition marked by fluid-filled cyst on her brain, requiring 18 surgeries from the ages of five weeks to nine years old. It was from this experience that her faith was laying its foundation. She was always a fiercely independent child. “I CAN DO IT ALL BY MYSELF!” was, and still is her motto today. But there are those things that she knew she couldn’t do ALL BY HERSELF. Those are the times that she was looking for God’s guidance. Of course, this was not at all an easy journey or task. Receiving no guidance from her parents, who are supposed to be the most important influencers in her life and the ones whose responsibility it is to teach her about the importance of a relationship with God, she was left to her own devices which unfortunately, isolated her from the truth that God wanted to share with her. As she grew, they continued to further isolate her and kept her from others when she would try to reach out to the world.

By her teen years, Liz left God for the adversary. She got involved in the occult and divination practices that attracted some very harmful and negative influences into her world. She suffered horrific nightmares from using a Ouija board, she was involve in spell casting and had demonic experiences from time to time. While reading her Bible at one point, she was choked by the demon who was haunting her apartment and while she was still living at home, she experienced knocking on her walls and windows of her bedroom in addition to hearing the demon haunting her saying, “GOD CAN’T HELP YOU NOW!”

This story is not an easy one to share for her, but she feels it’s an important one that all need to hear especially those who are youth and young adults because many times many times, when things escalate to the level she experienced, it’s extremely difficult to overcome. That is why she wants to share the importance of the need to push through those obstacles with all you can to find your way to God, because as she puts it, “You can have all the friends and family you want, you can have all the fame and fortune you want, possessions etc. But if you do have your faith, all that other stuff is just stuff.”

Visit Liz at: http://www.soulconversations.net/


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