About: Leah Martensen

Leah Martensen: President, Christian D.I.V.A.s

The Christian D.I.V.A.s strive to be a group of women Devoted to sharing God’s love, Inspired by His Spirit, living Victoriously through His Word, as Artists, who are dedicated to using their gifts and abilities in all they pursue for His kingdom. Christian D.I.V.A.s are also fun ladies, who have a deep love for people. They are transparent with their shortcomings as well as their victories. They would love to share their insights, humor, encouragement, experiences, and love for God and His people with others.

All of the artists are enthusiastic servants who have a clear understanding of the calling upon their lives. They are not just singers/songwriters, but women on a mission to share their unique gifts, talents and experiences for God’s Glory! they strive for integrity and excellence in all that we do, and set goals high and their work ethic higher. Over the years, they have also each been recognized for their hard work and talents within the Christian community and music industry. Their focus is, and will always be to do great things for Christ. That’s what makes the artists the “top artists” from around the country. To learn more about the Christian D.I.V.A.s, please vistit their website at: http://www.christiandivas.net/


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