About: Justin Honaman

Justin Honaman is a singer-songwriter, leadership author and retail / consumer goods exec with one mission – to make a positive difference.

On the music front, Honaman has released multiple projects spanning the Pop, Country and Contemporary Christian genres. In 2012, Honaman released his first Pop hit “Be Extraordinary.” In 2011, Honaman released two singles – one in the Contemporary Christian genre entitled “Everlasting” and one in the Country genre entitled “Always Be There.” Finally, in 2010, Honaman released his second full-length album entitled “Let Go & Let God.” All of these projects were completed through strong collaboration with outstanding producer John Carrozza.

Honaman released his first album “Saturday in the South!” in 2006. The title track was re-written and re-recorded by Tracy Lawrence in 2011 and is featured regularly in CBS SEC College Football Game of the Week and Fox Sports broadcasts.

On the book front, Honaman released “Be Extraordinary: Crush Mediocrity. Spark Curiosity” in Q4 2012 and released “Make It Happen! Live Out Your Personal Brand” – a book on authentic leadership and personal branding – in 2009. Honaman is a regular blogger and author of numerous articles on leadership and personal branding.

In addition to his creative endeavors, Honaman is a retail sales and marketing executive with a large consumer goods organization.

Honaman holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Auburn University. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can visit Justin at: http://www.honaman.com


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