About: John Stiteler

John Stiteler, Pastor and Christian Councilor of Total Health Guidelines

John Stiteler has been involved in some aspect of total health his entire adult life.  Upon graduating from a bible college, he spent 10 years in an evangelism & discipleship ministry helping people with the foundation of complete health – spiritual health.  Struggling himself during that time and seeing how various aspects of health hindered the effectiveness of Body of Christ, John went back to school and earned 2 Master’s Degrees in order to help people with their financial, emotional, and relational health.  He is a Licensed Clinical Counselor and has also been teaching nutritional health as prevention to healthcare workers, athletes, and the public for the past 10 years.  John is an ordained minister.  He and his wife, who is also a Licensed Counselor, are the directors of a counseling center called Total Health Guidance. John’s vision for himself, his family, and his ministry is to trust God to be a stable, faith-filled individual who will guide others to complete health.  He defines complete health as being:  Nutritionally healthy, emotionally solid, relationally connected, financially secure, and spiritually strong. He enjoys coaching basketball and soccer and lives in Orlando, FL with his wife, Theresa, 3 children, and numerous pets.

Visit John at: http://www.TotalHealthGuidance.com


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