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Jason VelottaJason Velotta is currently the Associate Pastor serving at Christ Church in Brownsville, TN. Growing up in a Christian home, Jason made a profession of faith early in life. However, the fruits and conviction of the Holy Spirit were absent for much of Jason’s teenage and young adult life. Searching for fulfillment in music, Jason spent most of his young life playing the guitar in rock bands around Memphis and Jackson, TN. The lifestyle that accompanied Jason’s career choice quickly degenerated into a destructive pattern.

Jesus saved Jason in 2003 and called him to the ministry two short years later. Since then, Jason has earned master’s degrees in ministry and biblical studies from Temple Baptist Seminary and in Dec. of 2012, he will complete his MDiV. He currently resides in Tennessee with his wife Dana, and their three children, Jacob, Jesse, and Sophie.

Realizing the futility of that lifestyle, Jason left that life and returned to the church, “re-dedicating” himself to God. After years in the Church, it became clear that he had simply traded an overtly sinful lifestyle for a religious one. In 2003, the Holy Spirit convicted Jason of his sin and revealed the fact that he was just as lost on the Church pew as he had been playing in the clubs of Beale Street.

Visit Jason at: http://www.reclaimingvictory.com



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