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The Solid Rock Road is a Christian recovery program developed by three former substance abusers who counted on the power of God to transform their lives.

Pastor Jerry Pineda is the director of The Solid Rock Road and holds a theology degree. After more than 25 years of addiction, Jerry began working for OnTrack’s Dads Program (a secular treatment center). He is also a former counselor for Casa Oasis, a prison pre-release program in San Jose, California.

Jamee Rae Pineda was a substance abuser from the age of 14. She is a professional writer, earned a theology degree, and is currently active in women’s ministry. She is the program manager of The Solid Rock Road and co-author of the book, Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery.

Sherry Colby is a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC1) and is the lead counselor of The Solid Rock Road. Colby was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 20 years before sobering up and becoming a counselor in two secular treatment programs. She received the 10 principles of the Solid Rock Road by inspiration.

The addictions treatment program is based on 10 Bible-based principles and takes people on a 10-week experiential journey of spiritual awareness and self-discovery, ending in freedom that lasts a lifetime. Along the way, participants seize opportunities for inner change and receive spiritual tools and weapons to fight and win the battle for their own souls.

Along The Solid Rock Road of radical recovery, the truth is revealed and the fire of God successfully transforms lives. Group participants use the book Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery in their recovery process, reading one chapter at a time and experiencing the principle in a group dynamic. (The Facilitator’s Manual will be published soon. This provides pastors and leaders with a step-by-step system for facilitating groups.)

The following key points establish the premise of The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery program:
• Christians don’t need secular programs when the power of God is more than enough.
• Christians should be serving in ministries rather than being served in meetings.
• Secular recovery counselors tell addicts that it’s “a selfish program.” We believe that addicts have been selfish long enough and it’s time they    serve God and others.
• It’s not Biblical to consistently congregate with like-minded sin natures. Instead, Christians coming out of addictions should be fully assimilated into the Body of Christ.
• Not every former addict is meant to serve in the recovery field. They get set free to discover and move into their true destinies.
• Christians should NOT continually claim they are still an addict. This counteracts the new creation reality! “Behold all things have become new!”
• Many well-meaning people rescue Christians in addiction from the pig sty. This interrupts the process of God and the need for true repentance.
The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery ministry is an outreach of Joy Christian Fellowship in Southern Oregon. To learn more, visit The Solid Rock Road recovery website at www.thesolidrockroad.com.

About the Book: Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery
In February 2010, Ziglag International published Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery, a 240-page book that promotes 10 Bible-based principles and is targeted to Christians who struggle with addictions.

According to authors Jamee Rae Pineda and Sherry Colby, the book takes readers on “a spiritual journey of self discovery that results in clean and sober living for a lifetime.” The book is the culmination of eight-plus years in ministry with The Solid Rock Road. Within the pages are spiritual truths, exercises and snippets of Pineda’s and Colby’s life experiences. Both are former addicts who tell on themselves in the book in order to explain or highlight the principles.

“We understand the issues of addicts because we’ve been there,” explained Pineda, who has 15 years of sobriety following decades of substance abuse. “We’re talking directly to the addicts in the book, and we don’t hold much back. It’s hard-hitting for a reason. The Christian community has gone off course … we like to say they’ve been following the Yellow Brick Road that ends with smoke and mirrors.”

Pineda is program manager of The Solid Rock Road. She earned a theology degree from Zoe Bible College (Formerly Siskiyou Bible College) in 2002 and has worked as a professional writer and editor since 1985. She owns Writing For All Reasons in Medford, Oregon, with a current specialty in social media. Pineda is married to Jerry Pineda, the director of The Solid Rock Road who has worked for OnTrack’s Dad’s Program and as a counselor for Casa Oasis, a California-based pre-release prison program in San Jose.

Colby is lead counselor of The Solid Rock Road ministry. She holds a Human Services Degree and is a state-licensed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADCI). Colby worked for On Track and later at the Addictions Recovery Center (ARC) where she co-facilitated dual diagnosis mental health groups for clients with co-existing addictions and mental health disorders.

“We’re passionate about spreading the message of The Solid Rock Road because it simply points to the cross of Jesus Christ and to the power of God. We believe that God is enough! In fact, we’re living proof that it is.”

The Solid Rock Road team is available to speak at churches, events and organizations, and will train pastors and leaders on how to facilitate 10-week groups. Pineda and Colby are also writing their group process manual related to The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery ministry.

You can visit Jamee at: http://www.thesolidrockroad.com/


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