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Hollie MarieHollie Marie’s first devotional book, 31 Rays of Hope, was published in February 2013 and for her it was a dream come true that she had previously laid to rest. Hollie first began writing and sending out devotionals roughly a decade ago and had attempted to be published several times throughout the years. However, as she found out, it was a dream that was meant to be, just not in the time she had planned. Roughly four years after she had given up hope of ever being published, a friend recommended she submit her writings to Tate Publishing. Not expecting much, she did, however the response back was not what she anticipated, they wanted to publish the book! Thus began the journey in which she hopes will open the doors to many more.

While as Hollie undoubtedly enjoys penning down inspirational works, as her desire is that everyone comes to know the Truth of the Savior, she has a passion for helping out those that are homeless. She partakes in a weekly ministry in the area of Little 5 Points (Atlanta, GA), in which she (along with a few others), provide breakfast, a sermon and a hot lunch for those that are in need (or who just want to come hang out). In addition, she helps out a few other like-focused established organizations. It is her dream to have her own “official” charity, and a homeless center to go with it one day. She believes that love is something that can change the world, and that there is no better way to show the truth of Christ, than by living out His love to everyone/everywhere. As she says about her outreach, “The mission of *LoveIs* is to share the love of God, by sharing the Word of God and to show the Love of God through action”.

You can find out more about Hollie and link up with her at ShadesofSunshine.com.


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