Henry A. Walter

Henry A. WalterHenry A. “Hank” Walter grew up in a classic 1950’s family in a small town in Colorado. He had loving parents, three square meals a day, warm clothes, a nice home, and a real sense of pride in being an American.

Hank served his country in the United States Air Force. After his discharge, Hank rediscovered his love of journalism, and through a series of small miracles, became the publisher of a community newspaper. He has been enjoying this season of his life in publishing for the past 35 years.

God didn’t play much of a role in his early life, but as Hank matured he began to see God’s hand in events of his life that simply defied all human explanation. In giving thanks to God, Hank has moved beyond the ordinary to behold the miracles of everyday life.


Update: Our dear brother Hank passed in 2016. May God rest his blessed soul.


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