Georgina Ortiz

Committed to God’s calling Georgina Ortiz is passionate about the life-changing power of Jesus Christ and is set out and determined to share the Good News wherever God calls her. This hasn’t always been the case…

Georgina was the youngest of four children raised in a loving Christian home, daughter of International Evangelical Speaker & Author Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz, niece of world renowned Evangelist Luis Palau and Ed Silvoso & raised among prominent ministry leaders. Georgina, however, would choose her own way and did not make an early commitment to Jesus Christ. Years of parting from God & making poor choices led to extremely challenging consequences for Georgina and her two children. Georgina worked in Hollywood until God lead her to quit her career to be a stay at home mom however…she wasn’t quite ready to give all the reigns up to God just quite yet.

After battling multiple divorces, several custody battles in court and living in guilt for years Georgina finally let go and let God take charge and realized that she would be much better off relinquishing the driver seat of her life to God! This time it was different! There was a liberation of guilt and shame with a whole new understanding of grace and mercy which allowed her to move forward in life without the chains holding her back from what she has always wanted to do…help other’s experience hope during their darkest times! Throughout her journey she survived many single mom’s worst nightmares—but while her faith in God may have been bruised, it wasn’t broken.

Georgina is a gifted international speaker with a compelling story to tell and God has shown her it is time for her to devote herself to sharing her story. Her passionate prayer is that each person come face-to-face with the love, grace and mercy of God. She recently turned her attention to the drastic decline in female happiness over the last 40 years (and what we can do about it).While she intertwines her real life experiences with some humor on the stage, her message comes from a very real and profound story that offers hope to those listening. Her transparency takes our breath away as she shares the real issues she—and many of us—deal with every day.

Georgina just returned from Nigeria where she spoke at multiple evangelistic crusades as well as several leadership conferences encouraging and equipping leaders to go out and share the Good News that has the power to transform lives eternally! Next she will travel to Venezuela in January. Her vision is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of people around the world so they can also experience the power that Jesus Christ has to transform us, to heal our past hurts and to start a new life in Him! She wants people to embrace the beautiful gifts of forgiveness of our sins, the gift of the Holy Spirit to empower life, and the assurance of heaven for eternity! Georgina is currently a student of the Luis Palau Bible Institute expanding her Biblical knowledge and is also a Proclamation Evangelist member of the Luis Palau Next Generation of Evangelist Alliance.

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