About: Gene Goertzen

Gene and his wife Nancy were approached by their pastor on their wedding day in June 1966 with a request to start an AWANA ministry upon return from their honeymoon. For the next 2 years, both as college students, they joyfully served on an AWANA advisory board and were instrumental in starting AWANA clubs, running conferences and Olympics.

After graduating college, they relocated to Washington state and served as directors for AWANA summer camp where they observed nearly 550 decisions were made to follow Jesus during that 3 month period. They continued to start many AWANA programs in the Pacific Northwest when they realized their ability to have an impact on the entire west coast.

In 1970 they became Awana Missionaries and moved to California where they started with three AWANA churches while expanding their reach as far east as the Rocky Mountains. In 2003, they added Hawaii to their territory.

Today, there are over 1000 churches in California alone which support AWANA programs. There are currently eight AWANA Missionaries in California and thousands of leaders have been trained to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and in turn are training these boys and girls to serve our Savior.

Gene and Nancy continue to be a part of training AWANA Missionaries in far reaching countries such as South Africa, India, Australia, Sweden, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

Please visit Gene at: http://www.awanasandiego.org/


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