About: Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson, Certified Raw & Living Foods Gourmet Chef, Teacher and Coach

Donna has over 20 yrs. of success in Corporate America; Xerox, MCI & other Fortune 500’s, where she worked her way up the ladder from sales to executive sales management, as well as owning several of her own start-up business ventures. She has done consulting work in sales management & marketing for IBM & other companies. Donna caught the “Wireless” technology wave as a founding partner/owner of one of Atlanta’s first pioneer cellular companies in Atlanta.   Donna’s philosophy is to follow God’s divine guidance & live life passionately. “Pay it Forward” & give generously, continue to learn, grow & evolve as a person has inspired her journey throughout life. In the mid-90’s, she began to follow a much different career path, one that became clearer as she learned to listen to God’s voice, & used the gifts, talents & passion that He had given her. As a result of a personal health crisis, Donna began to research natural healing methods.  Once healed, energized & better than ever, it was apparent that her mission was to share & teach others to achieve optimal health through natural methods. She has been immersed in holistic health & nutrition research, studies, health & weight loss coaching for more than 15 yrs. now.   Donna graduated from the “Living Foods Institute” in Atlanta as a Certified Gourmet Raw & Living Foods Chef, Nutrition & Wellness Health Educator, Coach, & Consultant. She’s working on several books sharing her own personal healing miracle, providing guidance, inspiration, tips, and her amazing recipes that are both healing AND delicious! She is conducting live events & seminars in Atlanta, & you will soon be able to attend her live video webcasts. Some of the topics will include natural detoxification, healthy weight-loss, healing & prevention of disease & illness, anti-aging, & more…!

In addition to her Natural Health & Wellness consulting business, Donna is also a blogger & helps other companies with their social media. She is a past member of the Board of Directors of the non-profit, NAMI, & now sits on the Advisory Board for the North Atlanta Chapter. Donna has stayed involved in community service & volunteers with fundraisers for homeless shelters, & prepares & delivers food on a regular basis.

Specialties Business development, sales &marketing, promotion, social media, new ideas and business start-ups….! I love to create new recipes & healing foods, & “play” in the kitchen. I’m passionate about sharing with others how to become healthier, naturally through the foods & the gifts that God has provided us on this Earth. Weight loss, disease prevention & healing, anti-aging & more!

My mission is to promote, educate & inspire optimal health by prevention, healing foods & holistic modalities.

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