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Deborah LovettDeborah Lovett, Speaker & Author

Deborah Lovett is a speaker for Women’s Events, Retreats, and Conferences.  She is also a wife, mother of one daughter, one son, and an author. Her speaking has been noted as “genuine, open, contagious, and like fresh water to the soul.” Her inviting spirit draws women in~ allowing them to experience God’s love in a non-judgmental way.  God has called her~ beyond a shadow of a doubt ~to equip women– person-by-person, city-by-city. She desires to educate women on how to ADVANCE to overflowing with an authentic joyful faith that attracts others to Jesus.

She has written several articles for the Alliance Life Magazine, and is the author of Gushing Springs, a Bible Study on the “Woman at the Well”.  She has aired on local radio and shared the Gospel in: Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Alabama, with further hopes of sharing it around the world!

Born on a sunny, Easter Sunday, Deborah knows that there is indeed no Easter Sunday without a Good Friday. She has endured trials, hardships and sufferings that have allowed her to see the Glory of the Lord, and have imparted an unshakeable faith to her. After her sister took her own life, God gave Deb a heart to see women live out their God-given destiny without fear.  After her home burned to the ground, God showed her the importance of spiritual warfare through prayer—or as she puts it, “how to be On Guard!”
(Also the title of her next book.) During her powerful and anointed speaking presentations, Deborah shows and tells of the miracles her family witnessed during that
time of devastation while infusing hope as she reminds everyone, “What the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good!”

She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in 1988 when she approached her Pastor Kenneth Mahanes to ask him if he would perform the marriage vows for herself and husband, Tim Lovett. Little did she know she would leave her Pastor’s office as part of the Bride of Christ!  Kiddingly she jokes, “It was a double wedding!”  Deborah is a Christian.

You can contact her at: www.DeborahLovett.com


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