Dayna Bickham

Dayna BickhamDayna Bickham is a wife, mom, part-time missionary, and full-time writer.

Dayna’s passion is not about how many people read her words, but that her words reach you. This is her calling: her purpose.

She loves helping other people find their purpose too.

You may be a creative person, or you may be more analytically inclined, but no matter your vocation, she writes for you: to challenge you, encourage you, and to strengthen you. She longs for people to live in the freedom Christ brings. She wants you to stop hiding who you are and live your life out loud. What does that mean? It means Dayna wants to help equip you to turn up the volume and explore who you are in Christ!

We are all on a journey. Each journey is pre-planned, designed, and ordained by God. Dayna believes in purpose so much that she wrote a book about it. Chosen for Purpose: Overcoming Giants and Living Your Dreams is designed to help you find your individual purpose. Hand in hand with the companion workbook, Chosen for Purpose: The Workbook, these books will help you dive into your individual story, find the moments of grace in even the darkest moments, and see the theme God has woven into your life from the beginning.

Dayna also writes around the web for Christian publications, blogs, and other sites. You can find her most readily on her blog, where she writes about purpose, family, and a life of faith.



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