About: Captain Roy Butler

Roy grew up in central Texas in a time and town where the neighborhood kids could play safely outside all day without the need for cell phones. He was out every morning with the screen door slamming behind him immediately after finishing his cartoons and chores. Mom’s clear instructions being to return home for supper before the street lights came on.

Near his tenth birthday he suffered a heartbreaking episode with his parent’s divorce. He would suffer their divorce for the next ten years having his loyalties divided between parents. As result, Roy became the strong-willed rebellious teen, bitter and angry, and indignant toward all authority figures.

What Roy didn’t know at the time was that God was daily listening to the faithful feverant prayers of his
grandmother. After many years of patient persistence, grandma’s prayers were answered when Roy
surrendered his life, career, family, and future to Christ. He and his wife Gail were baptized into Body of
Christ and celebrated their own Independence Day on July 4, 1999. Shortly thereafter, Roy surrendered
again to full time vocational ministry.

Today, Roy is an Active Duty Army Chaplain and has applied every effort in his service to God and
Country. At the time of this writing, Roy is celebrating twenty-four years of military service. He
joined the Texas Army National Guard in 1988 as an infantry soldier and remained in that occupation
until 1998, two years after he enlisted into the Active Army. Having experienced more than he
desired of infantry life, Roy reclassified into military intelligence and found himself on the fast track
to advancement and notoriety among his peers. Since then, Roy has served in many administration
and leadership positions, as well as a small group leadership instructor and drill instructor for advance
individual training. He has also received many awards and accommodations for his exceptionally high
moral standards and duty performance.

Roy’s call to the Army chaplaincy came in late 2004 by way of a phone call from a chaplain recruiter well
before he finished his bachelor’s degree at Wayland Baptist University. Following that phone call, he
met with his pastor and other spiritual mentors many times seeking counsel concerning God’s will for his
future in vocational ministry. By the summer of 2006, Roy had finished his bachelor’s degree in Christian
ministry, had separated from the Army and was a full-time seminary student. By August 2009, Roy had
obtained his Masters degree and was called to return to full time vocational ministry as an Active Duty
Army Chaplain.

Today, in addition to the ministry he daily provides to his soldiers and their families, Roy can be
found actively supporting his installation chapel ministry preaching to contemporary and evangelical
congregations. He can also be found supporting and networking with a number of para-church
ministries and businesses designed to serve the military. He and his family remain closely connected
to their Southern Baptist denomination through a growing network of pastors, church leaders, and the
Pacific Northwest associational leadership team.

Roy and Gail have recently renewed their vows and celebrated twenty-one years of marriage. Together
they have raised two children, Dwight (20) who is now serving in the Air Force and Zoie (17) who is
working diligently on her home-school curriculum. As for their short and long term future, Roy would
like to earn a PhD in political science, focusing his studies on the influence of Christianity upon early
American politics.

Among his many God-given gifts and talents, Roy is a dynamic preacher, teacher, writer and author. His
recent achievements include earning the Bronze Star Medal for his ministry performance in Afghanistan
and publishing American Politics and the Burden of Voting. You can learn more about Roy on his blog at www.chaplainsreadinglounge.blogspot.com or send him an email at butler.roy@gmail.com.


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