How Are We Making Disciples?

Discipleship: Which approach can prove to be more efficient and effective as we are to “go and make disciples of every nation,” physically going door-to-door, deploying the power of today’s technologies, or a hybrid of both?

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).

Church leaders – are we here to remain in a highly limited – self-serving box, or are we here to share, teach, encourage, and enrich the Body of Christ? It is beyond amazing that most church leaders have confined themselves by measurably restricting their impact (message and reach). As a prime example of this impediment, we will turn our sites on the social media landscape. If you are a church leader (in our modern world) and you do not effectively use the various social networking properties to maintain ongoing connectivity to your flock, you are not doing all that you can do to help stimulate and grow the Body of Christ. Look at it this way, as you refuse to engage your flock on a daily basis, the world will divert their attention and lead God’s people in an arbitrarily wrong direction. As church leaders we are to lead people in the direction of Christ, while in opposition, the world does all it can to lead people further away. And we wonder why people are winding aimlessly through life without a true and accurate compass.

Many of us sit back and covertly poke fun at Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, and Joel Osteen. Our “jealousy and envy ego” kick into full gear when we make such statements as, “Joyce doesn’t even have her own church,” or “women should not be preaching the Word of God.” We might make comments like, “Joel Osteen doesn’t preach enough about Jesus Christ in his messages,” or “Rick Warren is all about marketing and trends.” When we say such things, we are doing nothing more than casting judgment upon another with our highly-flawed human ego. Why not find out how they have been able to grow the Body of Christ? Why not learn about and apply certain methods in an effort to keep our own God-given flock connected and engaged? Do you run from technology because that’s not the way Christ is to be shared based on your culture; your background and experience? If you could help to save another for Christ through a technological-based platform; why wouldn’t you?

I recently ran a test in LinkedIn to determine how many self-proclaimed “religious institution” users would respond to the following invitation to connect and align in the name of Jesus Christ.

Here is the exact email message as sent through LinkedIn:

Happy Friday!

Each of us in ministry should be well aware of how important collaboration and fellowship is – relative to sharing the “Good News” and shepherding our flock. During tough economic times, such as these, we must come together for a common goal. Since 1996, I have used technology to grow our ministry to over 8o countries strong – and growing! Managing an international Christian radio network has opened many doors for many leaders across an ever-evolving Christian landscape.

 In order to help one another, we must make the time to know one another. Let us begin to leverage our unique God-given gifts and talents.

 I invite you to connect with myself and our worldwide Christian colleagues on Google+.

Simply, go to:

I look forward to meeting you there!

Together, let us continue to teach, lead, inspire, and love in the name of our most glorious and gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

 Love, joy, and faithfulness in Christ,


Tony Marino
Alive in Christ Radio Network


Out of a sampling of about 300 LinkedIn connections, only 15 clicked through and are now engaged to collaborate as a team in the name of Jesus Christ. That’s quite a sad response rate. Only 5% were ready to do business in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. One would think that because these connections are Christian-centric, other message recipients would have at least sent back an email reply stating something like, “Hello,” or even a “God bless you.”

If we are to effectively shepherd God’s flock, we must be postured to actively engage in the precepts of consumer (human) behavior. The analytics are quite clear and notably profound when it comes to technology-based strategies and solutions. God’s flock uses social networking regularly, most have smartphone devices, and surf the internet throughout the course of every day. The question is, “Where are you?” How can we actually believe that a 22-minute sermon on Sunday will hold them over another six days? We must ask ourselves, if we, as church leaders, are out of touch during these weekly 6-day windows, are we willing to let the world regain its stronghold? The simple answer must be a resounding, “no!” Today, let us begin to embrace technology and use this technology to help keep Christ alive, not just one day a week, but every day of the week.

May almighty God bless you always,


Tony Marino
Alive In Christ Radio Network


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