Are You Thirsty?

Deborah LovettPsalm 42:2  My soul thirst for God, for the living God. When can I go meet with God?

If you are like me you want to be thirsty for the things of God and not of the world, ALL of the time, NOT some of the time. So how do we develop a thirst for God? And if you are not thirsty, is it because you have it all together, and really don’t need God? Or is it because you have been to church, bible study and really think you are already in the inner circle? The Well is deep and there is always more to know, more to love and more to worship when it comes to entering the throne room of God! So I suppose this is much like many of the paradoxes we see in the Bible: we can be overflowing with the Living Water, and yet thirsting for more of Jesus continually! This is my goal, and I hope you will make it yours too.

So back to our main question: How do we develop a thirst for God?

I have found the best way to develop a thirst for God is to read His Word. The more I allow Him to speak His Word over me, through me, into me, and around me, the more I want it! Just like anything, the more you get, the more you want. Out of sight, out of mind! Feed your faith, or it will die!

There is no reason the Word should ever be boring. Let’s make it a bit fun, and a little challenging, shall we? Here is what I suggest you do and I will do it too: Pray and ask the Lord what Scripture address He wants you to read. (Example: I am working on 1 Thess. Chapter Five) God knows what you need, ask Him. Then study that Scripture or chapter till you know it frontwards and backwards. Take it apart, from the inside out! Turn it upside down, and backwards again! Then ask Him to play connect the dots with you. (To show you other passages that connect with the one you already know.) Ask Him to take you places that will deepen the Word He has given you in exciting ways that only He can do, for He is the One that Created you. If you aren’t adventuresome, then just start in the book of John or do 1 Thes. Chapter Five with me. I am actually trying to memorize the entire chapter, I dare you to try it with me!

A friend of mine was studying a scripture on grace, and the Lord started playing number games with her. Five is the number of grace, and she said every time she looked–she saw the number five in places she had never dreamed! He was reminding her of how important it is to show grace everywhere to everyone!

Oh I wonder is it because of my love for reading and writing that I love when God plays word games with me? It becomes real to me, then I remember it, and then I tend to live it more readily. He makes me thirst for more! Show me more Lord, open my heart to receive your Living Water!

Ask Him to help you develop a thirst for the things of Him today and to be able to see Him in the things that are just everyday stuff. Develop the habit of cultivating self-discipline in the Word. Who knows, we may just have Sword Drills in heaven!

Matthew: 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

I am praying for each of you.

Deborah Lovett is a speaker for Women’s Events, Retreats, and Conferences.  She is also a wife, mother of one daughter, one son, and an author. Her speaking has been noted as “genuine, open, contagious, and like fresh water to the soul.” Her inviting spirit draws women in~ allowing them to experience God’s love in a non-judgmental way.  God has called her~ beyond a shadow of a doubt ~to equip women– person-by-person, city-by-city. She desires to educate women on how to ADVANCE to overflowing with an authentic joyful faith that attracts others to Jesus. Visti Deborah at:


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