A Holy Visitation

I confess: I am not a poetry connoisseur.

However, the cadence of poems and the rhythmic words which evoke diverse emotional responses charm me. Awestruck, I imagine how the poet struggles over each choice of language to generate the desired reaction; choosing each word not just for its meaning but for the way it sounds.

With my lack of knowledge, I am also a poor poet.

Yet one day, as I sat in the stillness of worship before God and soaked in the melody of a familiar praise tune a free verse entered my heart. I grabbed the closest pen as the words poured out.

Heavy with indescribable emotion, my mind traveled to a recent time when I had quenched the Holy Spirit. I rejected the comfort and lessons offered because the intense thickness of the Spirit made me uncomfortable.

The verses I penned revealed the true depth of my loss and unveiled my selfish motives. The words encouraged me to relinquish control and remain open to God’s holy nudges.

I’ll share it with you in the hopes it stirs something similar.

The Holy Visitation

A heavy rhythm overtakes my heart.
An unexpected presence benumbs my mind.
A terrifying, yet liberating wind seeps in.

My brain rolls beyond its boundaries;
As my hands inflate like the crest of a wave.
Slowly, my feet ascend the Throne.

Self-consciousness quenches the stirring.
I struggle for restraint.
Fearful, I turn back to my familiar world.

Dissatisfied and confused, I return.
To a black-heartedness I can’t understand.
And a foreign land I do not belong.

The joy thief caught me unaware;
Mocking my Holy visitation,
Robbing me of Heaven’s open door.


Jo Ann Fore is an author, speaker, and writing coach. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of other women. Most noted for her authentic vulnerability, Jo Ann captivates her audience with faith-filled messages caramelized with a powerful promise of hope. Visit Jo Ann at http://www.writewhereithurts.org/ and www.facebook.com/WriteWhereItHurts.  You can also download a free chapter of Jo Ann’s latest release, Inspired Women Succeed at http://www.inspiredwomensucceed.com/.


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