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Bill Hull is a writer and discipleship evangelist calling the church to CHOOSE THE LIFE to which Jesus called every disciple. Bill has not only written many books on this subject, he spent twenty years working it out as a pastor. The core of Bill’s early writing was Jesus Christ Disciple Maker, The Disciple Making Pastor and the Disciple Making Church. These works made the case for Jesus as the prime example of a disciple maker, and that discipleship should be the core of every pastor and church’s work. Bill’s later writing has been centered on personal transformation and how that forms the basis for change in both church and society. Choose The Life, and Christlike, are manifestos to the critical nature of living our ordinary lives as though Jesus were living them.

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Seven Steps to Transform Your Church Baker books 1993
Building High Commitment in a Low Commitment World Baker books 1995
Anxious For Nothing 1987
The Complete Book of Discipleship 2006
Revival that Reforms Baker books 1998
Straight Talk on Spiritual Power Baker books 2002
Jesus Christ Disciple Maker , Baker Books ,Twentieth Anniversary Release February 2004
The Disciple Making Pastor 2007 Twentieth Anniversary Release
The Disciple Making Church 2010 Twentieth Anniversary Release
Choose the Life , Baker Books, May 2004
The Choose The Life Journey Curriculum Navpress 2010 [A series of five books]

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