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Cal Habig, Pastor and Christian Minister Coach

“Leadership Coaching for Pastors and other Values-Driven Leaders“

Cal Habig is an executive coach who helps pastors and leaders of faith based non-profits become more effective in leading their ministries to be all that God intends for them to be, while at the same time keeping faithful to be balanced in the other areas of their lives.    Cal began his coaching business in 2009 as a response to the frantic, burned out, and unbalanced lives he had often seen in himself and continued to see in the lives of many of his peers.   Prior to beginning his coaching business, Cal served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years and was a regular speaker at workshops and seminars on topics related to ministry. Today Cal offers a wide range of coaching programs and services – from individual coaching, to seminars and keynote speeches.   To contact Cal, please visit his coaching website at http://www.valuedrivenleaders.com/ or reach him at either 503-970-8449 or cal@calhabig.com.