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Mary Englund Murphy, Christian Author, Speaker, and Pastor’s Wife

Mary Englund Murphy is an author, speaker, and pastor’s wife now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Florida Bible College and she and her husband Bill have been in ministry for more than thirty years. They have three adult children and two grandchildren. Mary grew up in an unusually blended and dysfunctional family even by today’s standards, two stepmothers, three stepfathers, and twenty-one step-, half-, and adopted brothers and sisters. Now she translates her unique experiences into books, as well as speaking at retreats and conferences in order to give others hope for their  future.

Mary’s new Bible study “Joseph: Beyond the Coat of Many Colors” is an interactive workbook for individuals or groups that offers light at the end of the tunnel when the world seems darkest. Joseph was ignored, despised, rejected, nearly murdered, kidnapped, sold into slavery, and betrayed, yet he kept his focus and saw God at the end of his tunnel.

Visit Mary at: www.lookingglassministries.com